Words – Soma

Abdominal breathing Ache Asleep Asphyxia
Awake Backache Blanching Blind
Blushing Blurry Breathless Butterfly in the stomach
Burning Buzzing Chest breathing Chest pain
Chills Choking Clasped Clenched
Cold Constipation Constriction Comfort
Convulsions Coughing Cramps Craving
Deaf Depersonalization Derealization Difficulty breathing
Difficulty hearing Difficulty moving Difficulty speaking Difficulty swallowing
Dizziness Double vision Doped Dropping
Dry mouth Dull Earache Excess energy
Exhaustion Faint Falling Fatigue
Flatulence Flushed Flushes Fluttering
Frequent urination Frigidity Giddiness Grinding teeth
Hallucinations Heavy Headache Hot
Hunger Hyperactivity Hypersexual Ill
Immobility Impotence Insomnia Itching
Jittery Jolts Jumpy Lack of appetite
Lack of coordination Lack of sexual interest Lethargy Light
Lightheaded Loss of balance Loss of smell Loss of vision
Malaise Menstrual pain Muscle jerks Nausea
Nightmares Numbness Odd Out of breath
Pale Pressure Pounding Prickling
Pain Palpitations Racing heart Rigid
Relaxation Rested Restless Shakiness
Shiver Shortness of breath Shudder Sighing
Skipping heart Smothering Soft Soreness
Spasms Spells Startle Stiffness
Stomach-ache Stomach churning Strange Strange smell
Strong Sweating Tearful Tension
Throbbing Tightness Tingling Trembling
Tremor Twitching Unsteadiness Urgency to urinate
Vibration Vomiting Weak Wiped
Worn out Yawning Zap in body