GO – Conclusion

The Next Step: Continue with the Practice?

You have considered the assertions about happiness and the method and tools proposed by the Intrinsic Practice. You have learned about the method and tools of the Practice and have practiced and completed a first 6-Step cycle. At a minimum, you should have a good impression of how useful the method may have been or potentially could be for you, or possibly of its lack of potential usefulness for you. As such, it may be a good time to determine whether the assertions, proposition, method and tools of the Intrinsic Practice are right for you and whether you may continue with them or seek another practice.

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If you chose to continue with the Intrinsic Practice, you would, at minimum, have to keep a regular schedule of practice as explained in Step 1 and also spend at least a few minutes each day to achieve your basic conducive experience. These activities can be useful in themselves.

With continued practice, you will not have to routinely complete full cycles of the 6 steps. You may just go directly to relevant steps, most likely Steps 5 and 6, as needed. Periodically, as you progress in your self-development and as your circumstances change, you may have to revisit Step 2 to examine and reflect on your PEACE elements and adjust when indicated. Also, as you continue to use tools and templates from Steps 5 and 6, you may not have to repeatedly re-examine aspects of situations with the WORLD tool because the contexts in which they arise may be fairly uniform. You may have to use the tools only when examining new situations in new contexts or when you feel you need to make changes in the world in which you live.

Regardless of your decision about whether to continue to use the Intrinsic Practice, I hope that exploring it has been at least somewhat useful and that, if you decide to continue to use it, it will be useful. I thank you for considering the Intrinsic Practice and wish you the best in your personal growth and in your experience of happiness.

Choosing To Be Happy: Opting For Your Happiness (Case Example)

Available at the end of each step, this video series presents Dr. Jacques Bradwejn, creator of Intrinsic Practice, and Monica Taing, a program participant, as they discuss going through the program’s templates and exercises.

In these videos we summarize Step 6 of the Intrinsic Practice – OPTING FOR YOUR HAPPINESS.

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