Step 6 – Opting for my happiness

Objectives and Overview

At this point, you have developed the ability, in any situation, to be connected to your definition of happiness, to be knowledgeable of the world around you and of yourself, to evidence what is nonconducive to happiness and to envision what could be conducive to happiness. This final Step will help you learn to move from what is non-conducive to what is conducive to happiness—from evidenced non-conducive dimensions to envisioned conducive dimensions. This step will also help you learn how to consider aspects of a situation that may not be conducive to happiness and decide on making changes that would create situations that are more conducive to happiness. Since it may become apparent that your elements of happiness, either individually or together, may sometime be non-conducive to happiness, you will also learn how to make the necessary changes to make your elements more conducive to happiness.

Thus, the mnemonic for Step 6 is GO, which represents: Give up and Opt for. This tool is designed to help you learn to increasingly choose (Opt for) envisioned experiences conducive to happiness and increasingly let go (Give up) evidenced non-conducive ones, dimension by dimension and, if necessary, aspect by aspect and element by element.

GO: Give up, Opt for

Essentially, using template 6, Step 6 extends the sequence of Step 5 as illustrated in the figure below:

Chart: 1. Name of Situation (arrow) 2. PEACE (arrow) 3. WORLD (2 arrows offering divergent paths: a & b). Path a - 4. Evidence Non-Conductive MINDSET (arrow) 5: Envision Conductive MINDSET Path b - 4. Envision Conductive MINDSET (arrow) 5. Evidence Non-Conductive MINDSET (two arrows return chart to single path) 6. Choose techniques (arrow) 7. GO Practice

Now let’s take a look at the GO template.