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We do not live in a vacuum. Wherever we are, in any situation, we are always in relationships to people or things. Our relationships may be with very few or with many people, superficial or deep and of a transient or permanent duration.; We are always in relationships with a place, a country and with objects around us, no matter how many or how few they may be, as well as with organizational structures and rules, no matter how rigid or flexible, tolerant or intolerant, supportive or unsupportive they may be.

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Template Instructions

Observe all the possible relationships that may exist in the situation and reflect on them. Any individual with whom you have a significant relationship would have already been identified when you did the W5 observations. Some of these individuals may be among the ones you have identified in your element lists as people you care about. With these individuals, what are the relationships at play? Are they friends, family, or are they in another role? To the extent that it may be possible, you might want to gain a more in-depth understanding about these individuals by observing their behavior and what they may feel, think and hold as notions, in a way similar to what you have done with the MINDSET dimensions. When conducting such observations, strive to be as non-judgemental as possible. Make notes in the corresponding space in the template.

Watch the video instructions on how to fill out the Relationship section.

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Also, are your relationships with these individuals characterized by harmony or conflict? If there are conflicts, who, if any, may be allies, adversaries, friends or foes? With whom is there agreement and trust; with whom is there disagreement and mistrust? Are the conflicts transient or persistent?

Other relationships may be with structures and organizations, places and things. Consider all possible relationships, list them, observe them, reflect on them and make notes in the corresponding space in the template.

Once you have considered all aspects of the situation, it may be useful to write a description of the situation in a narrative or story style that encompasses some of your most important observations, reflections and conclusions about the situation. Write it (about 5 sentences) in the corresponding space of the template.

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If you haven’t already, download the 4a WORLD template (.pdf, 78 Kb):
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After you have done this to your satisfaction, proceed to Template Integration.