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Whenever and wherever we are, we live in a context that can be described in terms of how it is structured and organized. The organizational structure could be a family, a neighborhood, a workplace, a city, a country, etc. Thus, it can be useful or even essential to have some understanding about such structures and organizations. It can also be useful to understand the hierarchies that may exist within these relationships.

Upward view of giant buildings in New York, USA

For example:

At work, it can be useful to know who leads, who manages, who the employees are and where you fit in. In a family, who are the grandparents, parents, children, etc.?

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Hierarchies can also be found in cities and governments, as well as in religious, social and commercial structures.

For any hierarchy, you may ask who is at the bottom, the middle and the top. This can be pertinent to workplace, political or any other hierarchical structures. Also, organization and hierarchy may be explicit or unexpressed. It may not always be pertinent to understand hierarchical structures for all situations you may be in.

However, for some situations, this information is essential, and not knowing it could limit your knowledge of the situation and put you at a disadvantage within it.

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