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Wherever and whenever we are, there are laws, rules, processes and procedures. These may exist formerly or through informal practices that are nevertheless solidly entrenched and respected. In many places, there may be several types of laws or rules that may coexist: governmental, legal, religious, political, social, cultural, etc.

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Template Instructions

For simplicity, all of these are contained under “Law.” Quite often, we have to deal with situations without having knowledge of the laws, rules or established ways that are at play in those situations. Being aware and understanding these can help you handle more effectively some situations you may be in.

Thus, in the corresponding space in the template, write what laws, rules or processes and procedures may be relevant to this specific situation. Answer questions such as, “What are the laws, rules, practices, procedures etc. that apply this situation?” You might have to do some fact-finding to answer that question.

Watch the video instructions on how to fill out the Law section.

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If you haven’t already, download the 4a WORLD template (.pdf, 78 Kb):
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After you have done this to your satisfaction, proceed to Duty.