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Purpose is defined very broadly as what gives meaning to your life and helps to determine your direction and goals. Purpose might mean to be something, to do something or to achieve something.

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You might already have an idea of what your purpose (or multiple purposes) may be; if this is the case, simply list 3 to 5 words in the Purpose column.  

A path in Shanghai

If you have not thought of your purpose before, simply list any goals that come to mind. You could also work toward discovering or formulating your purpose by completing the following sentences: 

  • “I am here to be a…”
  • “I am here to do…”
  • “What is important in life is to…”
  • “My goals in life are to….”

You can add or remove words from this list as you carry on with the Method. The important thing at this point is to start thinking about purpose, if you haven’t done so already, and, if you already have an idea of what your purpose and goals might be, to reflect more deeply about them. Also, you are very likely to change or refine your purpose as you go through the method or as you go through different stages of your life. 

Template Instructions

For now, just begin by listing 3 to 5 words under Purpose.

Watch the video instructions on how to fill out the Purpose column.

Transcript (.pdf, 129 Kb)2m 36s

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If you haven’t already, download the PEACE template (.pdf, 94 Kb).:
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On the next page, we explain the remaining questions to answer in the PEACE template.