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Ethic is used here as a synonym for values and principles.

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Sticky notes with the words: behaviour, judgement, attitudes, ethic, values, principles, beneficial, important, desirable, beautiful, right, wrong.

Ethic is defined very broadly as anything that influences your way of life and upon which you base your behavior, judgment or attitudes. It is also what gives you a personal sense of what is good, beneficial, important, desirable or beautiful and may help you decide what is right or wrong for you.

Many examples of such ethic, values or principles can be found in old and contemporary writings from philosophy, psychology, sociology and religion. The golden rule, for example—treat others as you would like to be treated—is common to many cultures and religions. The stoic principle of focusing on what you can control and accepting what you cannot control is another example.

Template Instructions

If you already have an idea of the values that are important to you, list 5 of them in the Ethic column.

If you do not, you may want to consult the list of Words for Ethic or read other texts in philosophy, religion, psychology, etc.

Watch the video instructions on how to fill out the Ethic column.

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If you haven’t already, download the PEACE template (.pdf, 94 Kb).:
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After you have filled in the Ethic column, you can proceed to the last element, Purpose.