PEACE – Final Review

After you have filled out the PEACE template, put it aside for a few days and then go back to it to answer the questions at the bottom of the template:

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Watch the video instructions on how to answer the questions at the bottom of the PEACE template or read more detailed explanations below.

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For your first list of elements, you may have chosen some that may not represent you accurately, or omitted some that represent you more accurately. If so, note these and make some adjustments on the template.

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The importance of Step 2 is to bring more precision and specificity to your definition of happiness.

Summary: PEACE

bubble with the text: elements pointing to two other bubbles with the words: conductive to happiness and non-conductive to happiness.The method suggests 5 elements (PEACE) that range from the psychological, abstract and universal to the physical, concrete and individual. You may or may not identify with these elements; you may add other elements or substitute some for others. The important thing is that you begin to reflect for yourself on what happiness may be, achieve some insight, clarity and precision and move away from vague undefined notions of happiness. Also, your evolving definition of happiness may uncover some incompatibilities that may in themselves block or hinder experiences of happiness. In other words, these discrepancies may be non-conducive to happiness, and some adjustments may be required to make your definition of happiness conducive to the actual experience of happiness.

Give sufficient time to Step 2; reflect on your definition of happiness, and then move on to the next Step, Knowing myself.

How to Find Your Happiness: Defining Happiness (Case Example)

Available at the end of each step, this video series presents Dr. Jacques Bradwejn, creator of Intrinsic Practice, and Monica Taing, a program participant, as they discuss going through the program’s templates and exercises.

In this video we summarize Step 2 of the Intrinsic Practice – DEFINE MY HAPPINESS.

 51m 28s