PEACE – A(ttribute)

PEACE (with the letter A highlighted)


This represents what characterizes you as a human being or a person. It could be more easily understood as divided into two categories.

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  1. The first category includes the general and universal attributes that are shared by all human beings, for example the aversion to pain or the need to belong or to feel whole.
  2. The second category includes the specific and individual attributes that characterize you more uniquely as a human being. Of particular significance are positive attributes such as desirable traits, accomplishments, valuable possessions, social and professional positions and a good reputation. These positive attributes may also be called “assets.” They derive not only from positive traits but also from other things that could generally be considered to be an advantage or an asset such as what you have learned, what you have done or how you are viewed and recognized by others.

Think about yourself as having both general attributes and specific individual positive attributes or assets.

Reflect on these two categories of attributes:

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For the general attributes, you would have to begin thinking about what these may be and also about what your beliefs about them may be. Do you believe universal, general attributes exist? If so, what do you think those might be? If not, what does that mean about you as a person? Another way of exploring the question is by asking yourself what remains of you when you remove your specificity, that is, your body, history, context, culture, identity etc. Is there anything left of you as a person? If yes, write down what it is. If no, what is the implication of this conclusion on your conception of yourself as a person, as a human being?

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For the assets, you may draw on what you know of yourself and on what people have said about you. You could also choose from the list of Words for Assets, words that describe a positive personality trait or character strength that may apply to you.

Template Instructions

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If you haven’t already, download the PEACE template (.pdf, 94 Kb).:
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In template 2 (PEACE), put words in the Attribute column that describe your general attributes and specific attributes or assets. List 3-5 of these words for each category.

Watch the video instructions on how to fill out the Attribute column.

Transcript (.pdf, 117 Kb)3m 27s

Because assets vary from one person to another, this list will form the beginning of a specific description of yourself as a unique individual, asset by asset, from the past to the present. It will encourage you to start defining who you are, focusing on your positive side. Using these assets in your daily life will then contribute to more positive experiences that are favorable to experiencing happiness.

For example, if you have the ability to be persistent or patient, these assets can help you to overcome problems and find happiness. Resilience is another asset that can help to overcome setbacks when projects or relationships fail and become less fearful of taking risks.

The list that you make can be revised and refined over time, as needed.

Once you feel you have made a good first list of your general attributes and specific assets, proceed to Care, the third column of the template.