START – S(trength)

START (with the letter S highlighted)


The Intrinsic Practice is not meant to be used as a means to recover from a mental illness or disorder.

You need to be of sound mental health to use the method and tools of the Intrinsic Practice. That is, you must already be capable of logical thinking and focus, and of experiencing a reasonable degree of psychological wellness and happiness. You also need to have sufficient physical energy and wellbeing to follow the practice.

Therefore, there are 4 possibilities that you should consider before proceeding with the Intrinsic Practice. Choose the statement that applies to you most closely and proceed accordingly:

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If this applies to you, simply move on to the next prerequisite, “Time.”

If this applies to you, it might be best for you to wait until you feel well enough to proceed with the Intrinsic Practice. Alternatively, you may use the Intrinsic Practice while being in treatment or therapy because many of the tools it offers are also used with many standard treatments or therapies. However, you will have to prudently plan this simultaneous use and watch out for possible incompatibilities between the Intrinsic Practice and the type of treatment or therapy you are undergoing. The Intrinsic Practice is a method based on a very specific set of premises and tools, which may not be compatible with those on which your treatment or therapy is based. Discuss these potential incompatibilities thoroughly with your mental-health professional before proceeding with the Intrinsic Practice.

If this applies to you, it is not a good idea to proceed with the Intrinsic Practice at this time. It is recommended that you seek help for your mental health problem and reconsider the Intrinsic Practice once you feel well and strong.

If this applies to you, you should seek a thorough assessment of your mental health before proceeding with the Intrinsic Practice. This may consist of a psychological, a psychiatric and/or medical evaluation, medical tests, psychometric tests, etc., after which you could determine if proceeding with the Intrinsic Practice is a good idea or if you should first seek treatment or therapy.